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About Us

Nancy Colgrove Principal Producer

John M. Heller is an Award winning Director, Cameraman, Editor

Renee V is a Web Developer / Social Media Expert

John Heller • Partner / Director / Producer John Heller’s work in the film and television industry has earned him an Emmy Award for music programs, two CLIO advertising awards, an Academy Award nomination for best documentary plus three Cable Ace/Emmy nominations for short dramatic films.

John learned the art of “direct response” at one of New York’s most successful advertising agency. He believes what makes advertising successful is return on investment.

John’s marketing skills go beyond broadcast commercials and website development. While working with Robert Redford at the Sundance Channel, John created documentaries and marketing videos that generated interest and revenues for the Sundance Institute. While working for Calvin Klein, John’s videos were used to raise the venture capital for Calvin Klein to expand worldwide.

Nancy Colgrove • Partner/Co-Producer Ms. Colgrove has 13 years experience in the areas of international and domestic television. She has produced CLIO Award Winning commercials, infomercials, documentaries and product launches. She has worked with fortune 500 companies, on expanding their marketing, media and image relations. She has executed marketing strategies for numerous companies including: Mercedes Benz, Reuters, 1800Flowers and The Body Shop. She has the experience to market your business.

Prior to partnering with Mr. Heller, Ms. Colgrove was Vice President of Reuters TV 2000 at Thompson Reuters. Where she helped develop and implement the international business plan and marketing strategy for Asia, Europe and the United States. Ms. Colgrove also has extensive Pro-Bono experience with the United Nations and NGO’s promoting the areas of human rights and environmental issues.

Renee V • Web Developer / Social Media Programmer / SEO Expert  Renee received her degree in Computer Science in 2002. She worked as an e-commerce manager for over 5 years for a multi-million dollar international manufacturing and wholesale company. She worked 6 years for a company where she helped develop over 500 websites, developed social media apps for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. She also has extensive knowledge in search engine optimization and is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual and is considered one of the best SEO experts on the east coast.  Renee is also an Army veteran with admirable leadership skills. She holds a second degree in psychology.

She is a Google Analytic’s expert. She brings her SEO expertise to every industry sector.

The proof of a successful commercial or website is not in the awards we have won but in the new business we generate for our customers.